Nov 2, 2011 at 3:10 PM

After deploying the solution, I was unable to determine how to enact it.  It doesn't show up as a feature - or as a webpart.

Nov 2, 2011 at 3:40 PM

Hi dudemaster, 

this is a web control. You have to create a custom master page and replace the OOTB CssLink control by this one. 
After, you give to the defaultUrl property of this control the link to your custom CSS. The custom CSS should be very close to the original corev4.css, so to create your custom css, first make a copy of the OOTB corev4.css.

For further information, you can go to this section of my post on the topic : Managing the Rich Text Editor CSS and the RTE Menus for the Wiki Pages of a SharePoint 2010 Team Site

Hope that helps...


Nov 2, 2011 at 5:01 PM

Thank you Marc, I appreciate the explanation - it does help a lot.

Larry Talley
Director of SharePoint Services, HMS Holdings

Nov 2, 2011 at 6:27 PM
Edited Nov 2, 2011 at 6:48 PM

Hi Larry,

You are very welcome!

I am happy to start helping the SharePoint community with this control. 

I will update my post for explaining why Microsoft has let the reference to the corev4.css  for the team site wiki pages, even if you specify an Alternate CSS or use the defaultUrl property of the OOTB CssLink control.
There is a good reason : if the developer forget to put the reference in the custom CSS to the RTE styles there will be NO MORE menus items in the Rich Text Editor of the wiki pages!

So, as the RTE of the team sites wiki pages seems not to have been planned to be customized (contrary to the one of the Enterprise wiki where you can specify a reference to your own custom RTE styles), Microsoft seems to have locked down the possibility to remove the OOTB RTE styles...

That is why, when wanting to remove the RTE menus items, you must either use a custom web control or do it by using JavaScript. 

As this version of the custom control ALWAYS removes the reference to the corev4.css, don't forget to always specify either an Alternate CSS or a defaultUrl within the control, if not you won't have any styles in your SharePoint sites (very dangerous)...

I have to update the control so as it renders the <link> tag for the OOTB corev4.css if there is no reference to a custom CSS.
I have also to change the instruction  that checks the corev4.css link in my code because the language is hardcoded (1033), so it is worth for english sites but not for the other laguages.

Or you can have all this done by your development team...


Marc Charmois
SharePoint Architect
Bell Canada Montreal